Make What You Need, 

When You Need It

Whether you are trying to improve your processes or to build new products, from one-off demonstration models, to functional prototypes and short-run production, we can help you build the exact things you need, when you need them.



  • You are looking to develop a new product or improve an existing one or
  • You want to enhance your manufacturing process by reducing time and cost or
  • You want to stand out by adding bespoke customisation to your product offering 

Then get in touch because you are in the right place at the right time!

Else head over to our Possibilities page and have a go at doodling some ideas in our blank canvas. Maybe you will come up with the next big thing!


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The Problem

Rapid development in technology creates an accelerating divide between winners and losers in industry. Companies failing to capitalise on the benefits of Industry 4.0 technologies are quickly losing ground to those who are quick to adapt.

Our mission is to reduce this divide by minimising the risk of innovation and enabling more companies to create. We provide expert support to ambitious companies, both new and established, for whom it doesn’t make sense to develop in-house R&D and additive manufacturing capabilities.

The Solution

We can support you across the spectrum, from idea conception and all the way to small-batch production. 

Our services are designed to adapt to your needs. Whether you simply need a model to be made and tested, or you need support throughout the entire lifecycle – from design, development, and all the way to manufacturing, our team of engineers and designers are keen to take on new challenges and solve your problems.

Use Cases

Jigs, Fixtures, Guides, and Tools

Automotive, aerospace, motorsport, consumer products, and many other sectors use components to position, contain, shield, and arrange parts during the manufacturing and assembly process. Also known as jigs, assembly fixtures, and guides, they are the unsung heroes of manufacturing when things run smoothly. But, when they start to deteriorate, or changes in product lines occur, their importance becomes all too apparent.

We are here to make sure you avoid production halts, maintain workflow, and even optimise it with the full design freedom to quickly iterate bespoke solutions until they fit perfectly. 

Do you want to embed sensors and smart functionality? Contact us or go to our Connected Products page to find out more.

Proof of Concepts and Demonstrations

As an innovator, it’s not easy to explain your big ideas to peers, senior managers, and investors. Trying to build prototypes out of paperclips, plastic cups, tape, string, and toothpicks is time-consuming and often raises more questions than it provides answers.

Never again. We will work closely with you to understand your vision and iterate it until it materializes into the reality that no one can ignore.

Functional Prototypes for Approval Before Manufacturing

Let’s say that you’ve got aesthetics of your prototype all sorted. Before giving the green light for manufacturing, functional testing is paramount to minimizing any costly mistakes in design and functionality. We use a selection of engineering grade thermoplastics, including nylon, POM (acetal), polycarbonate, and composites with carbon fibre and graphene, to stress test all components before production.

Small-Batch Manufacturing

When you only need a few tens, hundreds, or up to a few thousand objects, but the traditional casting, moulding, and machining costs are too high, using our 3D printer farm will help fill that gap. With no upfront tooling costs as well as the ability to create individual, fully customised objects, we can scale our production batches from 1 to 5000, ensuring that you save time and money.

We use a range of materials to suit every project need. Depending on your requirements, we can support you to choose the best materials taking according to the criteria  below. Visit our Materials page to learn more and get a better sense of all the possibilities.








Dimensional Accuracy


Chemical Resistance


UV Resistance