Take Your Work to New Heights.

Whether you work in architecture, art, film & media, marketing, or any other creative industry, physical objects are part of your day to day. But can they keep up with your creative flair?

We bridge that gap, enabling you to create scale models, sculptures, characters, landscape elements, props, marketing models, and many more, in record time.

From conceptual design and all the way to final presentation, we’ve got you covered.

The freedom to quickly build one or more, identical, or completely different pieces, in varying scales, knowing that adding complexity comes at no extra cost, allows you to stretch the imagination and unleash your creative potential to the fullest. 





Architects love working with us because we save them valuable time, which should be invested in the meaningful stuff. Styrofoam and other types of scale models are time-consuming, expensive and do not always do justice to the initial vision behind a project. The cost 3D printing models is a fraction compared to spending days manually building that same model. Instead, architects just send us their designs and receive their prints next day. Simple!


The prospect of 100% customisation on each object is why creatives also love working with us. 

Artists, sculptors, and producers take full advantage of our wide material selection, as well as our capability for printing large shapes in record time, to push the boundaries of their imagination.


Check out a behind-the-scenes look at our contribution to BZZX, the most technologically advanced bee in  Manchester’s ‘Bee in the City’ Trail.


We use a variety of materials to enhance aesthetics and help architects win new projects. We’re always adding more, but the most often ones we use are: bronze, brass, wood, marble, flexible, glow-in-the-dark, and magnetic iron. Visit our Materials page for more information.