Do More with the Things Around You

From large-scale environment applications, to industry solutions, and down to home automation. Add sensors, gather data, and embed functionality to create value and make better decisions. It’s never been easier.

Connected objects are able to send and receive information. Adding this enhancement makes them smart. Think about your phone – seamless connection to the internet made it into a smartphone. Now, it doesn’t need to store all the songs or movies you like, it just needs to be connected to your favourite streaming service. Being connected is awesome because it makes things around us smart, benefitting us through increased efficiency, time and cost saving, better convenience, and many more.


But apart from collecting, sending, and receiving data, objects can also take action based on the data. 

Now add to that the creative and design freedom enabled by 3D printing. This means that every object can be designed from the ground up, with IoT in mind. Custom mounts can be printed to add sensors virtually anywhere. Objects can be designed from the ground up with IoT in mind. Imagine the possibilities!


Depending on your project scope, we can materialise your ideas and provide guidance over several areas


Enhance your devices by adding sensing capabilities

Using a plethora of sensor technology, we give things the ability to detect light, sounds, mass, proximity, density, temperature, humidity, and many more. This data can be useful itself, or it can be fused with other sensor data points to create a bigger picture.


Build the tools that take over the menial workload

Automating processes frees up valuable time that can be spent on higher value activities. With our support, you can capitalise on the benefits, by developing the machines you need to automate general purpose or highly specific tasks.


Connect multiple devices together to build an aggregate picture of a system in real time

Combining sensing capabilities with robotics and effortless connectivity with the cloud (or your local hub) can take your operations or product offering to the next level. This holistic view of systems generates more meaningful data, allowing you to take action. This means better decision making, automation, and even new value mechanisms.


Visualise information and simplify interactions with your devices

Using and managing multiple connected devices and robots can quickly become a complex task. Using robust frameworks, we can quickly develop clean and pragmatic web and smartphone applications that take the pain out of managing complex systems.